The Hunters of Thule



The Hunters of Thule (DVD)-    (Icelandic and English)

Documentary about Ragnar Axelsson, an internationally known photographer and true master of the black and white image. The film-maker joins RAX on his trip to the most northerly inhabited area of the world north of the US and Danish military base in Thule in North Greenland. RAX had been there fifteen years previously hunting Narwhale in the company of the seasoned hunter, Massana. Masana died few years ago so this time he traverses the frozen wasteland in the company of Massana’s two sons. They spend 4 days out on the ice with 32 dogs, a wife and a young child. Sleeping on the sleight, they ate what they caught and traveled across the frozen fjords at a speed of 3 miles per hour. The experience gave RAX the opportunity to capture some incredible images.

The fight for survival is hard in this intensely harsh environment. The film focuses on RAX’s experiences and interaction with the indigenous people and how he as a photographer goes about capturing the life of these hunters. (28.30 min)